Monday, November 11, 2013


We had a nice little group meeting to put ideas together in a mind map:

Then, after some discussion with everybody involved, we achieved the following results:

Please say hello to
climb or die

Clarence Climber loves danger and so do you. Help Clarence to escape inevitable death!

"climp or die" is a single player Kinect experience in which the player must climb a wall on the screen. He must use his hands to grab the next handle within reach and avoid the dangeros creatures from the ground. Time is running out while the creatures come closer and closer. The player can only rest when he reaches the winner flag on the top. The game is designed for a big display public setting like a bus stop or a shopping mall. Because of that players can join and leave at any time.

And who's gonna play this?
The Persona

Chris Curious

modern technology
to be the winner
intuitive interfaces

long waiting times

crocodiles ;)

tries new things

Skill level
for all ages
ability to move arms and hands freely

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