Monday, December 16, 2013

Initial User Tests

After all that handicraft work we were very curious about how THE USER might react to our prototype, so we did some initial user tests where we invited three members of our target group to interact with it - and with one of us behind it, acting as the painfully slow computer. ;-)

You can find our results here.

To our own surprise we can keep it short: The interaction between the users and the paper prototype worked (apart from its necessary slowness) very well. They liked it! The only thing users noted was that it would be great to see the rock face scrolling down and water rising. We decided that this would require to actually create a brand new prototype and - as we already received the demanded feedback - to skip this and to go on.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Paper Prototype

To play with and test our layout and to get some additional ideas of how the game might look like at the end, we did some paper prototyping - shoe box style. ;-)

The crocodile and the climber are both connected to the back by magnets. So we can test quite all of our differen user tasks, e. g.:
  • user just going by
  • user starting a game
  • user wins or looses the game
To keep it short: We already found something to work on. First of all, the prototype cannot be driven very fast. Secondly, it will be challenging to implement the pull up move in an intuitive way.